See how 11-year-old digitally composes classical music using Surface

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Meet Garrett, an 11-year-old composing with music notation app StaffPad. He writes and edits his compositions on his Surface, then shares them with the world.

Although 11-year-old musical composer and songwriter, Garrett Weyenberg has been playing the piano since he was two, he has only started writing music down in the last few years. Before he had StaffPad on his Surface Pro 3, writing down his music on paper took a long time. Other computer programs were either too simple or overcomplicated, both distracting from his music.

With its ability to easily recognize handwritten music and convert it to an editable type score, using StaffPad and Surface have afforded Garrett the flexibility to write music as quickly as it comes to him. He can write, rewrite and play without skipping a beat. Inspired by the app and excited by its capabilities, Garrett wrote a letter to its creator, David William Hearn. The two met in a London studio and made a lasting connection over their shared passion.

“Music has a really big power,” says Garrett, “being able to affect people like that makes me feel good.”

Learn more about StaffPad here. You can download the StaffPad app for Surface from the below link.

Developer: StaffPad Ltd
Price: 89,99 €