Secure Password Manager is going to be FREE for a few days


8, 2014

Previously published at, SecureWord – secure password manager, will be free for the next few days! So, download it, even you don’t need it right now. Maybe it would be useful later.

A quick features overview:

  • Strong encryption. We use AES block cipher to protect the data with 256 bit key, CBC mode of AES cipher to hide internal data structure, each time SecureWord regenerate IV – initialization vector (to hide the changes), 256 bit salt and PBKDF2 function that mix your password with salt in 12000…65000 rounds to avoid brute force attacks.
  • SkyDrive synchronization.
  • Classic Windows clients, Windows Store client (metro), Windows Phone client. Android and iOS are planned for the near future
  • Unlimited number of databases in device. Unlimited , notes, folders, cards and files.
  • SecureWord can hold the files securely in database. However, do not store big files here. Windows Phone client can’t add and save files right now, because there is no documents folder or something like that to share files between apps.
  • Easy access by real time filter/searcher (at the top of the list) and context menu for faster copying of the requested info to the buffer.
  • Build-in strong passwords generator.
  • Template settings for new secure notes. Your login, email, card holder name can be loaded from settings for new notes. Usually they are the same for all sites. . Password is generated automatically too.

Windows Prone Store link for SecureWord.

Windows 8 Store version link.

Classic Windows version link

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