Seattle Seahawks explain how Microsoft technology helped rescue DeShawn Shead’s career

Power BI probably means nothing to most of our readers, which is why Microsoft regularly posts Customer Stories, to explain how their technology is being used in the real world to make a real difference to real people.

On this occasion we have the story of Seahawks cornerback DeShawn Shead, who suffered a serious and possibly career-ending knee injury last season, explaining his journey to recovery and how Microsoft technology like Power BI and Azure helped him along the way.

The cornerstone of Shead’s treatment was the application of modern sports science and their Sports Performance Platform, a customizable technology-integrated platform powered by Azure. This allowed the team to track player performance in near real-time during practices, before games, at peak physical levels, and even after injuries.

For Shead, this partnership means getting back on the field.

“In terms of DeShawn, we’ve been able to use an organizational approach instead of one person’s opinion. We’ve collected data throughout his entire rehab, coming back off of his knee injury. We’re able to take that data and compare it to his position mates,” said Director of player health & performance Sam Ramsden. “We’re also able to compare it to himself. And I think when you have all that, plus, when you can visually see that maybe there’s some kind of little hitch, you have a reason for it. We’re not guessing anymore. We have the professionals in the building to address the concern that you’re seeing, because there’s data to suggest that he may not be able to power off that leg as well as the other leg, for instance.”

Added Shead: “Having these technologies and putting it into rehabbing has been great for me because I have something to gauge and to go off of. I love numbers, so when I can see that one is stronger than the other, that means I’ve got to do a little bit more reps on the other one. I think this information is a great tool in rehab that helps guide me to get back on the field.”

See the technology in action in Microsoft’s video here.

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