Sea of Thieves Vault of the Ancients adds dogs and treasure vaults


3, 2020

Oooooooooh! What’s developed by Rare and let’s you sail the seas? Sea of Thieves! What’s the new update to keep you on your feet? Vault of the Ancients! Yep, I ruined it already. 

Anyways, Rare’s released a new update for the beloved multiplayer pirate adventure Sea of Thieves and there’s a host of new content to keep you on your peg leg.

Firstly, the Vault of the Ancients update adds the unsurprisingly named Ancient Vaults that contain huge mounds of probably-not-very-tasty treasure for you and your crew to collect. Those who are smart enough to solve the Vaults’ puzzles and collect three medallions will be able to get their grubby pirate hands on even more treasure!

While the addition of new missions is fantastic, the true golden treasure of the Vault of the Ancients update is a tad bit fluffier than gold medallions. Yeah, I’m talking about dogs, dugs, puppers, borkers, woofers, et cetera. They’re here and they’re cute and they wear clothes!


Check out the trailer below:

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Sea of Thieves is available on Steam, Windows 10, Xbox One and Project xCloud. You can play the game through Xbox Game Pass.

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