Sea of Thieves is letting you assemble a ragtag crew of your closest friends this week with the Friends Play Free event.

You can invite up to three Sea of Thieves-less friends to join you on the high seas and succumb to scurvy during the event, which is set to run from February 6th to February 13th.

All you need to join the event is a physical or digital version of the game, access to the Sea of Thieves Insider Program, and, well, some friends.

Side note for Xbox players: owning the game via Xbox Game Pass counts, but you need Xbox Live Gold to play.

The video below explains how to join the event by claiming your Friends Play Free codes but, if you’re not a video person, keep reading for our simple explanation.

The instructions for claiming the Friends Play Free codes are as follows:

  1. Make sure you’re eligible to claim your codes (see above!)
  2. Head to the Sea of Thieves website and click on Friends Play Free.
  3. Log in to your Microsoft account.
  4. Scratch off your codes and send them to your friends!

And the instructions for redeeming your code, if someone’s asked you to join their crew, are here:

  1. For Xbox One: sign in and head to ‘Home’. Scroll right and find ‘Store’ > ‘Use a Code’. Enter your code (the Sea of Thieves website says not to worry about hyphens). Tada, you’re in!
  2. For PC players: On Windows 10, head to, sign in, select your profile, and then ‘Redeem Code’. You can also use the Microsoft Store app if you so wish.

There’s three codes available per player, so you can have a four-person crew in total. There’s also some special bonus loot available – a new Mercenary Voyage and new Mercenary cosmetics.

As a reminder: the codes can be redeemed and Sea of Thieves can be played for free any time between February 6th and 13th.

Sources: Sea of Thieves on YouTube and the Sea of Thieves site.