Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned update adds spooky pets, spooky ships and more spooky things



Sea of Thieves’ Fate of the Damned update has been revealed and there’s a bunch of spooky stuff to get spooked by. It’s spooky season!

In a huge quality of life improvement, this Halloween update gives players access to an Event Tab, a new UI element that lets you quickly discover every challenge, live event, daily bounties or other time-limited rewards at all times.

However, this Halloween event update isn’t just a simple patch, there’s new stuff here to get you quaking in your boots. So, with that said, Sea’s haunted.

The entire ocean in Sea of Thieves has now been diverted in a thick green mist that mask the treacherous terrors of the seas. Speaking to Larianna in any of the game’s taverns will set you on a quest to find lost crews across the seas. This quest will eventually lead to you picking up skulls and fighting the Fort of the Damned for some haunted loot.

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The Fate of the Damned event doesn’t just feature these spooky quests. There’s also new challenges coming every week that will give you the chance to earn Soulflame weapons and Soulflame costumes. There’s also a bunch of new spooky costumes, ship cosmetics and skeletal pets to unlock.

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