Sea of Thieves custom servers are rolling out now



Yar har, it’s time for some private pirates – not Pirate’s privates – as Sea of Thieves custom servers are starting to roll out for those in the game’s Insider branch. 

Sea of Thieves custom servers will primarily be used for content creators and online communities to create their own events within an individual sandbox environment.

The Sea of Thieves custom servers will enable the game’s host to select the types of ships and customisation allowed within the play space. Once set up, the creator of the server can distribute a code to their players that will allow them to join the fray.

One key aspect of the game’s custom servers is the removal of gold and reputation. Once inside a custom game, players will be unable to progress these aspects of their characters.

“The key purpose of Custom Servers is to allow creative players the opportunity to use our sandbox to create unique experiences for their communities. They are not intended to be used as a PvE server, hence the removal of ability to earn gold and rep.”

Sea of Thieves recently saw the release of its Steam PC version which has launched with resounding success.

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