Sea of Thieves checkpoints are coming for story-focused players


23, 2020

The sea-fairing players of Rare’s pirate MMO will finally benefit from a long-requested feature: Sea of Thieves checkpoints.

While some player sail the salty seas of Rare’s multiplayer game to plunder the booty of rival pirates, other players only wish to experience the game’s loose narrative and progression system.

Those that enjoyed pushing through the game’s Tall Tales missions would often be frustrated upon losing an item as it caused the entire journey to reset. Nobody likes having to start all over again.

Revealed during an interview with Eurogamer, Sea of Thieves creative director Mike Chapman described the upcoming checkpoint system as being “like an open book”.

“At any point you can leave the game, come back, vote on that open book, and you’ll be able to pick up your checkpoint right from that point,” Chapman said. “And any physical items you had with you at that point in the tale would pop back in on the table.”

The Sea of Thieves checkpoints system will not be implemented until the game’s update next month, not the recently released Ships of Fortune update; that one adds cats and stuff.

Rare is also working hard to bring Sea of Thieves to players outside of Xbox and the Microsoft Store with the game’s upcoming Steam release.

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