Developer Submission: ScreenShot Tool makes the best screenshots ever!

April 27, 2016

Screenshot Tool

Try ScreenShot Tool once and you’ll never go back.
Quick and easy ScreenShot Tool has everything you need to make high-quality screenshots and indicate the important details in them. Also you can share created images to your friend, classmates or colleagues. ScreenShot Tool is simple and at the same time it is a really useful!

App for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Try right now for free! 😉

ScreenShot Tool in the Windows Store

All features:
1. It makes the screenshots very fast.
2. It has a lot of things to draw and indicate the desired places on your screenshots:
– pencil to draw (you can change the color, thickness and transparency);
– lines and geometric figures – square, circle (you can change the color, thickness and transparency);
– text (you can change size and color).
3. Ability to share screenshots.

ScreenShot Tool Pro
ScreenShot Tool Pro
Developer: Denita Global
Price: Free

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