Scrbl Snake – Not Your everyday Snake



How long will you be playing the same old [psst…. boring] snake, so here it is Scrbl Snake – Itz Snake Reinvented.It has your old boring Snake along with it 3 new modes of play with 3 difficulty levels… (so that’s 3+3+3 .um….i think 9 different play modes..) with good graphics(um… i think so…)

  • Increasing Snake
  • Decreasing Snake
  • Reversal

QRCodeIncreasing Snake – The snake length increases with time and you have to eat to decrease and maintain snake

Decreasing Snake – A complementary mode to the increasing snake.The snake length decreases with time and you have to eat to increase and maintain snake.

Reversal – In this mode the controls are reversed.

You can download it from Windows Phone Store. its absolutely free(psst…without ads)

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