Scoutmob will create a WP7 app if users request it!

Apparently Blackberry is a more important platform for Scoutmob than WP7 is.

Vivik sent us a tip explaining that he contacted Scoutmob’s support and asked why they didn’t release an app for WP7. Their response follows below:

Frankly, we still don’t get many requests for Windows phone apps. Blackberry was
easily the most requested app, so we’ll see how it does. If it garners a strong
user base then we may renew our efforts working on the lower-rung devices.

This shows that message requests from Windows Phone fans can in fact have an impact. You can send Scoutmob an email ([email protected]) telling them that you would appreaciate their app on Windows Phone. Also, you can tweet them at @scoutmob if you prefer that method. To participate in other campaigns to release apps on WP7, visit