Scott Adams Rates Windows Phone Over iPhone And Android After Accepting Brandon Watson’s Challenge


18, 2011


Scott Adams after accepting the challenge from Brandon Watson on using Windows Phone just published his results. In short, Windows Phone emerged as Winner. He actually compared Windows Phone on Samsung Focus on AT&T, iPhone 3Gs on AT&T and HTC Evo 3D on Sprint. Even though he didn’t use every single feature of all these devices, he just used the way he wants and found Windows Phone as the winner.

From his blog,

I hated my call-dropping iPhone. I’m told that the call-dropping had a lot to do with the AT&T network where I live. But I rarely had an acceptable voice call when I travelled either. Maybe it’s just me. My Android phone is nearly useless unless I’m near a power outlet. The battery drains so quickly that I avoid using it if I’m out of the house for more than a few hours. And I don’t use it for voice calls unless I have to. I also find the user interface to be a think-about-it-every-time experience, which is a fail. I can’t seem to commit the most basic functions to reflex no matter how many times I use the thing. The Windows phone has the best user interface experience, although the onscreen keyboard is problematic just as it is with the other phones I used. The Windows interface is intuitive, simple, and has a liveliness that I find appealing. Voice call quality was good, and battery life seemed good too. I declare it the winner compared to my iPhone 3GS with AT&T and my HTC EVO 3D with Android on the Sprint network. However, the intangible coolness factor is impossible to ignore. Even the names Microsoft and Windows feel dated. And the home screen of the Windows phone is great from a usability standpoint, but lacks sizzle. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t matter to me.

Check out his blog for more comparisons of three devices on User interface, call quality, battery life, onscreen keyboard and more.. Its good to see Windows Phone winning over customers., Well done, Brandon Watson. Congrats.


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