Schedule your profile with this tool


This application is one of the first that does this task, and from what I see, it does it pretty well. The software is currently freeware and when you download it, you can start scheduling your day and not worry if your phone will ring in a meeting or  miss a call because it is on silent. This application should help anyone that has been having a hard time remembering to silence their phone at work or turn it back up when going home.

“Version 1.10 changelog:
1. Added half-hours (I think quarters are too much).
2. Hour format (24 or 12) is automatically changed depending on your regional settings.
3. I don’t have VGA device, but I think now the screen is squeezed a bit so it can fit to VGA square screen. Please, try and tell me what happens.
4. Added sound profiles – low, medium, high and very high.
5. Number of settings increased from 4 to 15.
Please, download TProfiler110.CAB for latest version.
Automatically switches device sound mode (available profiles – sounds on, sounds off, vibrate) at selected hour and weekday. Simple application, doesn’t occupy memory. Tested only on HTC HD2.”

Get the application:XDA