Save My Spot! App: We’ll Do the Remembering For You

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Save My Spot!Where did I see that store? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I know I have. Save My Spot! was created in response to just that problem.

On a recent weekend, I wasted an hour driving around my neighbourhood in Washington, D.C. looking for that bike store I just knew I saw somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, it didn’t show up on my phone when I did a search for area bike stores and I couldn’t remember the name. I finally found it a week later as I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store I frequent.

Today, with Save My Spot!, that problem is solved.When we are on the go, we all see a store, a restaurant, a bike trail, or even just a convenient pharmacy that we may want to drop in on one day. We can’t always interrupt what we are doing and run in. More often, we quickly forget we saw that spot.

Now, with Save My Spot!, you can record the location right on your Windows Phone using photos and GPS location information. You will never wonder “Where did I see that?” again!!

Features of Save My Spot!:

  • Records any interest spots (or note a product you love and the store in which you saw it).
  • Includes options for categorizing your spots, snapping photos, and recording them on the map.
  • Simple retrieval of spots by category or location.
  • Allows categorization of saved spots.

You can download this app here. The cost is $0.99.