Saucy Bard – The Shakespearean Insult Generator for WP7!

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largepcapptileThe Saucy Bard by Studio M software is the first and only Shakespearean insult generator for WP7. The app is easy and fun to use, allowing you to quickly create Shakespearean insults like “Swim with leeches, thou mewling motley-minded malefactor!” and send them as text messages to your friends and enemies.

With this app in your pocket, you’ll never be at a loss for words when you’ve been verbally abused and need a trump card. Simply whip out the bard, hit the random button and let forth a torrent of Elizabethan insults that would make even Shakespeare blush. Your enemies will shrink in terror from your rapier wit – never again will you lose an argument!

In addition to the ability to the ability to automatically generate random insults, custom insults can be carefully crafted by scrolling left/right through the word lists and selecting just the right words for the occasion. With over 300 words to choose from, there are over nearly 1 million possible insult permutations!

Another great feature of the app is the integrated definitions that are displayed for each word selected, allowing you to become intimately familiar with your verbal weapons. Links to the entries for the words are also provided allowing you to research further.

Features include:

  • Scroll wheel construction of custom insults
  • Random insult generation, with the ability to automatically generate alliterative insults
  • Inline definitions provided for words automatically
  • Additional links to definition entries
  • Send insults as text messages
  • Save, manage, and send favourite insults

So, if you’re a lover of words, of Shakespeare, or simply need the bard on your side in your verbal disputes, this app is for you! All the Shakespearean insults you can dish out are just a tap away! The app supports a limited trial version, and the full version is only $0.99. Download your copy today from the marketplace.