Sat Rad Player – New and Improved with Version 4.0

Sat Rad Player was the first WP7 application that allowed one to listen to their Sirius/XM subscription on their windows phone 7 device. Well the developer decided that a refresh of the application was in order. Version 4.0 (for Mango users only) brings a fresh new look along with some great new features, and is available for download now from the marketplace


On start up, the first thing everyone will notice is the new logo and color scheme. Sat Rad Player has been updated to now support Dark and Light themes. Change your phone’s accent color and you’ll notice Sat Rad Player will use the selected color throughout the app. A nice touch. Panorama and Landscape support is now supported as well – the screen will rearrange itself to take advantage of the orientation the phone is currently in – a plus for those with a slide out keyboard.


Gone are those annoying pop up messages to convey information to the user, and instead the application will communicate through the use of a scrolling marquee at the top of the screen. Also when a channel is being listened to, the scrolling marquee is continuously updated with the current song and artist info, so you’ll always know whats playing no matter what page you are on.

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Many have asked for it, and its finally been delivered in this version. The Channels page and the Favorites page will now show what is playing on every channel.

How many times have you been listening to a song, and wanted to write it down so you don’t forget it later. Using the new ‘Hot List’ feature in Sat Rad Player, you can now do just that, here’s how it works. When you’re listening to a channel, if you like the song that is currently being played, click on the Fire icon on the Now Playing page, and that song will be saved to your ‘Hot List’. Every song you save will be stored and is accessible from the new Hot List page until you delete the song yourself. Want to search the Zune marketplace for that song? Press the Dollar Sign icon beside the song listing on the Hot Page, and PRESTO – the Zune marketplace will appear and a search is executed for that song. If its available you’ll have the option to purchase the song and download it to your phone. Easy as pie!

In previous versions, user’s had the option of selecting either Hi or Low quality streams, unfortunately the setting was global and applied to all Channels. Well now user’s can select Hi or Low quality settings for each individual channel.

The last feature I wanted to talk about was the Background Audio play. This feature was there with the previous version of Sat Rad Player, and now it has been enhanced with the ability to go to the next or previous channel in your Favorites list. No need to start up the full app to switch channels!

Where to Get It

The price of the application is still a low .99 and a free unlimited trial is also available. The trial is fully functional with the only difference being the inclusion of advertisements at the top of the screen. So if you don’t mind the advertisements, this app is a steal at the low low price of free!

The application can be download now from the marketplace or scan the following Microsoft Tag with your phone!

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