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Windows Parent, a website committed to helping parents find family-friendly applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms are this week pleased to announce that they will be hosting a variety of app studios under their publishing name WPParent, as they are in the process of inspiring, training and building teams of young professionals that have amazing ideas for kid’s apps but may not have all the resources to get them published in the Windows and Windows Phone app store.
Saski Studio Calculator being used by a four year old Windows Parent is now providing these studios with the extra resources necessary to have a go at the Windows platform, and help people learn what is like to publish family-friendly apps for the first time.
The first studio they are launching is Saski Studio, owned by a young yet highly talented entrepreneur, Polina Kobets, who loves to illustrate and also create a world for children where they can explore and learn by discovering by themselves.
And this week, Windows Parent are delighted to introduce the first instalment from Saski Studio, Saski Studio Calculator for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. A refreshing app which is making waves in the world of education and entertainment apps designed specifically for children.
The first instalment from Saski Studio is guaranteed to get your children interested in maths, which is no easy task! The app succeeds in creating an engaging learning platform which is very easy to use, enabling children to learn how to add without adult assistance, giving them confidence to learn independently!
The app is constructed with engaging and easy to follow visuals which are designed specifically to encourage your child to achieve correct answers all by themselves, making this app not only educational but also rewarding and fun!
Saski Calculator also has the option to display numbers as objects to make counting easier for younger children who may not yet be completely familiarised with numbers, making the app accessible for children of all ages and all abilities.
In an age where apps are available in masses, some apps may not necessarily tick all the boxes required when searching for apps for your children. This is where we at Windows Parent pride ourselves on finding you the best in entertainment and education apps for your children, and Saski Calculator is certainly one of the apps making waves in our Windows Parent catalog this week, so don’t miss out and get Saski Calculator from our app store now, for FREE!
Please also check out their website to keep up to date with all the latest Saski Studio developments and features. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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About Windows Parent
Windows Parent was born in November, 2011, with the mission of helping parents discover the best in family-friendly apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Initially conceived as a side project by a former Microsoft employer, User Experience Designer and mum of two, the project rapidly went from strength to strength. Three years later, Windows Parent is widely use by parents all over the world when looking for apps for their families on Windows platforms. A vast variety of games, educational apps, quizzes, time-management tools and all manner of family-friendly apps can be found in their expanding, trustworthy catalogue, currently available in English and Spanish. As the company expands, Windows Parent have now also started to host young app studios for talented app designers, who may not necessarily have all the resources to build fully fledged apps individually. Please feel free to visit the Windows Parent timeline infographic for more details about their inspiring story.

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