Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 hardware “…quite spectacular”

Samsung Omnia HD running Windows phone 7

Engadget has been having a hands-on with the elusive hybrid device, the Samsung Omnia HD turned turncoat from Symbian and now with upgraded internals running Windows Phone 7 development builds.  We have already established, with the LG Panther, that this device is the main development board for Windows Phone 7, and Engadget reveals that the Windows Phone 7 team are now using the smartphones as their day to day device. Ominously they say the handsets are still “quite buggy”, but I am sure we will see a lot more about this when the phones are distributed to thousands of developers in 2-3 weeks.

Microsoft also revealed to Engadget that we can expect to see “spectacular" hardware” from the launch OEM’s, especially Samsung, and with recent Android devices setting the bar quite high I am sure we can look forward to some great handsets.

Read more at Engadget here.

Thanks MobilePaddy for the tip.