Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S11 smartphone could feature a ‘SAMOLED’ display


11, 2019

Samsung is in the process of developing a new type of display called ‘SAMOLED,’ according to a new Samsung patent. Titled ‘SAMOLED,’ the patent was published by the Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) on November 6.

As per the patent description, this new type of display can be used on the Television screen, smart display, computer screen and of course, on smartphone screens, meaning that we could see this new technology in the upcoming Galaxy S11 smartphones. And while we don’t know what the letter “S” stands for, experts are saying that it could indicate a big improvement over the existing AMOLED technology.

Samsung also has something called super AMOLED display and if you abbreviate it, you will get ‘SAMOLED,’ but this is unlikely to be the case here — Samsung is unlikely to bring the same technology with a different name.

The new ‘SAMOLED’ display could offer a number of advantages over the existing technology, just as the AMOLED offered more advantages over LCD. This new type of display could be thinner and more flexible than the existing super AMOLED or dynamic AMOLED technology.

Speaking of the display, Galaxy S11 is rumored to feature a display with a weird 20:9 aspect ratio, slightly up from 19:9 on the Galaxy S10. This will make the display look a lot like the one you find on the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 as both A70 and A80 have a similar aspect ratio.

The Galaxy S11 series of smartphones is also expected to use a new 108MP Samsung image sensor, which will be different from the one that is present in the recently-launched Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 flagship smartphone. Rumor also has it that the Galaxy S11 series of smartphones is going to create a new benchmark in camera performance.

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