Samsung’s training manual reveals the prices of Samsung’s 45 W charger and AKG noise-cancelling headsets

Last week Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Both the new devices promised support for faster 45 W charger which could charge the device in less than an hour. Unfortunately, the company bundles 25 W charger in the box and users will need to pay extra to get the 45 W charger.

The company didn’t reveal the price of the 45 W charger at the launch event but we now know how much it will cost you if you decide to buy one for your Note 10. According to a screenshot from Samsung’s training material, the 45 W charger will cost 299 yuan which is around $43. The material also revealed the price of the new AKG noise-cancelling headsets, which will cost you 499 yuan which is around $70. The AKG headsets promise to eliminate 98% of sounds and have a USB Type-C connector.

Unfortunately, we don’t know at the moment when both of these will be available for sale globally.

Source Twitter (Ice Universe)