Samsung’s future Galaxy flagships may not get screen in the corners


7, 2020

In the course of the last few years, we’ve seen multiple interesting designs for smartphone displays — notch design, punch hole camera design, curved display, waterfall display are some of the most popular ones that we’ve seen so far. Now, Samsung seems to be interested in crowding the market with yet another unique display design.

A new Samsung patent has recently surfaced on the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), giving us some insights into one of Samsung’s latest efforts in display design. The South Korean company first applied for the patent back in July last year and the patent was finally published on March 24.

The patent talks about a smartphone that has no screen in the corners. Samsung’s patented phone uses the metal frame to make up for the screen in the corners. In other words, Samsung has extended the metal frame to the corners of the display.

Having a metal construction in the corners has several benefits — the most obvious benefit is that the smartphone that has metal construction has a less likelihood of getting cracks, which is caused by knocks and drops, in corners of the screen.

To be able to design a smartphone like the one you’re seeing above won’t very easy. While metal construction in the corners may be a less complicated design than having a screen in the corners, smartphone manufacturers seem to be far from being able to crack the under-display camera technology, which is another interesting aspect of the patented Samsung phone.

We don’t know whether or not Samsung will bring the new design to the market, but if it does, the new display design will first appear in flagship Galaxy phones.

via Letsgodigital

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