Last week we reported that Samsung has been working on a new projection keyboard that would use the front camera to track the finger movements. Called SelfieType, the keyboard is developed by Samsung C-Lab incubator which hosts a number of experiments that don’t have a definitive market or launch date.

Now, it looks like Samsung might be ready to actually showcase the virtual keyboard. The company uploaded an unlisted teaser of the concept on their YouTube channel on Christmas and the video shows how SelfieType might work. Instead of projecting the keyboard on a hard surface, Samsung will use the front camera combined with its algorithm to track the fingers.

The good thing is, Samsung’s SelfieType keyboard won’t require additional hardware. While it doesn’t require any additional hardware, the keyboard won’t come to all the existing Samsung devices. This is due to the fact that it would still need the processing power to track and predict keystrokes on the fly. That said, the current Samsung flagships should be able to run the feature with ease.

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We expect to see the feature in action at CES 2020. However, there’s a significant chance that SelfieType might meet the same faith as other projection keyboards. There is one issue with the concept though. Traditionally projection keyboards use lasers to project a keyboard layout and track the input. Without the keyboard projection, it would be hard for the user to know where to put their fingers and it will be hard for the software to track the input as well. Samsung claims to overcome this issue by using AI but it seems a bit far fetched at the moment.

The good news is we don’t have to wait for long as Samsung is expected to showcase the concept on stage at CES later today or tomorrow.

Via SamMobile