Samsung has a lot of catch up to do to provide a tough competition to the Apple Watch. Copying features from Apple’s smartwatches alone won’t do the trick, it must bring something new to the table. And the Korean manufacturer is considering doing exactly that.

Samsung is thinking of introducing a new feature in its Galaxy Active smartwatches, which will be capable of measuring body composition using analysis based on bioelectrical impedance. As spotted by Patently Mobile, the company recently filed a patent, which gives us a rough sketch of how the future Galaxy Active smartwatches, with the body composition measuring device, could like.

For those unaware,

A body composition measuring device measures body composition using a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) that obtains a ratio between quantities of fat and moisture by using the flow of low-energy alternating current (AC) waves based on an electric resistance difference between adipose tissues and non-adipose tissues.

The body composition measurement device is likely to be integrated into the strap of the Samsung smartwatch. The strap, as usual, will be connected to the main body of the watch.

Is this the feature Samsung needs to implement in the future Galaxy Active smartwatches to create a game-changing moment in the smartphone industry? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.