Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch is reportedly going to perform ECG measurement


4, 2019

Author Rahul // in News

Samsung’s upcoming wearable, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is reportedly going to get some cool and useful features that might finally make Samsung’s smartwatch as useful as Apple Watch.

According to reliable SamMobile, the next iteration of the Galaxy Watch Active that is the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be capable of doing ECG measurement. The smartwatch will come with ECG app, using which users will be able to capture their heart rhythm when they experience irregular heartbeat. Moreover, it’ll also be capable of providing atrial fibrillation or Afib notifications by occasionally checking heart rhythm in the background, which, in turn, will help doctors to know whether the user has a chance of getting a stroke.

The Watch Active to copy another Apple Watch feature. It will come with a fall detection feature. As the name suggests, the feature helps the smartwatch detect a hard fall while it’s on the wrist, it will then display an alert and vibrate to nudge the user( via SamMobile).

Rumor also has it that the device will be available in 40 and 44mm sizes, feature a slightly refreshed look and includes hardware such as microphone and speaker (and a red button like on the Apple Watch) which suggests the device will be able to make phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy is rumored to release the Watch Active 2 smartwatch on August 7, the day will also see Samsung releasing their upcoming Galaxy Note 10 smartphone.

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