Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition can’t come soon enough

Samsung is making up for the failed Galaxy Note 7 Launch last year with the Galaxy Note 8, the stylus equipped successor to the Note 7 and the bigger brother of the S8 and S8 Plus.

In terms of specs, the Note is exactly as good as Samsung phones are expected to be in 2017. You’ll be getting a slick IP68 waterproof metal and glass sandwich, with a  6.3 inch near bezel-free screen on the front (and still narrower than the 5.7 inch Lumia 950 XL), and a set of 12 mega pixel dual cameras on the back, now with 2x optical zoom. On the inside, it’ll run Android 7.1.1 Nougat but will be updated to Oreo in the coming months.

The sleek device continues the tradition of the pen-focussed Note series with the same natural stylus-activated user interface which allows you to use the smartphone as a super-expensive notepad without even pressing the power button.

It is likely to continue its best of class camera performance (better even than the much vaunted iPhone) and now features optical image stabilization on both the front and rear camera, perfect for generation selfie.

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The device also continues its fan service to tech nerds, offering removable storage, a real headphone jack, USB-C and support for Samsung Dex.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 isn’t a groundbreaking device anymore, being pretty similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, in a sea of big phones it remains the only device where the vast expanse of glass actually makes sense.

It is currently not known if Samsung and Microsoft intend to offer a Microsoft Edition of this phone as with the Samsung Galaxy S8, but from where I am sitting it can’t get here fast enough.