Samsung’s future smartphone cover might house Galaxy Buds



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After “notchgate,” whether or not smartphone manufacturer should include a 3.5mm jack is probably the most heated debate among smartphone enthusiasts.  And from looking at the current industry trend, there is no denying the fact the headphone jack is not the future and is on the verge of extinction. Worse for 3.5mm jack, the alternative solution, that is the Bluetooth-based earbuds are becoming popular with each passing day, paving the way for the physical headphone jack to become a “thing of the past.”

And now with the increasing popularity of the Bluetooth-based headphone, it becomes all the more necessary to provide a smart solution to the users so that they can carry the earbuds all the time along with the smartphone. The most innovative solution at this moment is the case, in which manufacturers pack the earbuds. While having a case has its own benefits, they are not the perfect solution, especially for those who don’t want to carry them separately.

Enter Samsung. The company has recently filed a new patent application for a smartphone case. It looks like other smartphone cases in the market right now, but it has something that you might appreciate if you want to carry your Galaxy Buds along with your smartphone. Samsung patented smartphone cases can house your Galaxy buds. The below image is what Samsung’s smartphone cases could look like.

What do you think about this new solution? Do you think it’s a better solution than carrying them in a case separately? Do let us know in the comments below.

via: Patentlymobile

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