In an effort to double down the foldable phone development, Samsung will be launching at least two new foldable phones next year, according to a report by Korea Herald.

While information about the specifications of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone is unknown, the Korean Herald report confirms that the company is going to unveil a Motorola RAZR-like clamshell foldable smartphone next year. The smartphone will fold vertically like the Motorola RAZR.

This report also buttresses one of our previous article where we claimed that 2020 is going to be the year when Samsung will showcase its clamshell foldable smartphone. The Korean manufacturer recently filed a few patents for a RAZR-like smartphone, which also led to people thinking that a Samsung clamshell foldable phone is in the works. The teaser release of the clamshell folding phone at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 added fuel to rumors too.

That said, what everyone didn’t expect is a Samsung foldable phone with a lower price point. Nevertheless, it’s now being reported that Samsung’s upcoming clamshell foldable phone will retail for around $845, which is less than the price point of iPhone 11 Pro and of course, less than the price point of the Galaxy Fold, which costs a cool $2,000.

“Samsung’s plan to expand the foldable product lineup depends on the market response to the clamshell model slated for launch in 2020, but it is clear the firm will increase the lineup,” said Choi Bo-young, an analyst at Kyobo Securities.

Not only Samsung intend to bring more foldable phones to the market but it also plans to expand the reach of the Galaxy Fold smartphone to 60 more countries, including Vietnam, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece.