Samsung’s Bixby is another mobile assistant that’s taking on Cortana

Microsoft just recently brought Cortana 2.0 to the iPhone and Android to challenge Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri – and already a new challenger is entering the ring.

Samsung has been rumored to be bringing a new personal assistant into the market with its Galaxy S8, and the firm has gone ahead to announce it before launch.

Samsung prides Bixby on three main points, context awareness, cognitive tolerance, and completeness.

That is to say, Samsung wants Bixby to support the “complete” range of tasks of any certain app that can be done with touch. Unlike with Cortana or Siri, Bixby will supposedly be more intuitive in that regard and minimize user cognitive overheard.  Samsung will be adding a dedicated Bixby button, eliminating reliance on flaky voice activated hot words and replacing it with a single button as part of reducing the burden on the user.

The assistant will also be context aware and will allow users to use touch and voice interchangeably without having to restart commands.

While Samsung’s Bixby certainly sounds like it has a lot of good ideas in this press release – it promises nothing that Google, Microsoft, Amazon et al haven’t promised before. We won’t know how Bixby compares with Cortana until Samsung demos it with the Galaxy S8 in a week or so. If good however, Samsung’s AI should provide Microsoft with some ideas on how to work with Cortana going forward.

It’s currently unknown whether Samsung would be bringing Bixby in some form to its Windows 10 PCs and hybrids, but it would hep improve synergy between the firm’s laptops and mobile phones.

Does Bixby sound like it can take on Cortana? Let us know in the comments below.