Samsung’s biggest fans are having fun with the hole punch

Smartphone displays have gotten awesome, so awesome we’ve decided to punch all sorts of holes and notches through them in pursuit of less bezel.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10,this has manifested as one of Samsung’s infinity displays, featuring a small cut out to the top right of the display. Whether you like it, or you think it’s unsightly, if you want the S10 experience this is part and parcel of it.

With that in mind, S10 fans have created a bevvy of wallpapers, each turning the hole punch into something humorous like the image above, or hiding it in a sea of other hole punches like the one to the right, there’s something for everyone.

If everything’s full of holes, nothing’s full of holes — to paraphrase Syndrome.

There are a whole lot more images coming up on the subreddit, and if you’re picking up a Galaxy S10, it’ll be good for a laugh or two.
Check it out from the source link below.

Source and image: Reddit