Samsung working on an upgraded Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset

An FCC filing has revealed that Samsung is working a slightly improved version of their Windows Mixed Reality to be called the Samsung Odyssey +.

The headset will feature improved ergonomics, with wider eye boxes for less fogging. The specs otherwise appear to remain the same.

This includes higher resolution OLED 1440 x 1600 screens with 110-degree FoV, physical IPD adjustment, and built-in AKG headphones and dual-array mikes but still lets you plug in your own headphones. The screens may, however, have been upgraded, now being labelled as AMOLED +SFS rather than simply AMOLED (which may be related to addressing the so-called screen door effect)

The Samsung Odyssey headset is one of the better Windows Mixed Reality devices, so an upgraded version would likely be appreciated. It remains to be seen though if the Windows Mixed Reality platform can generate end-user excitement enough to drive the growth of the platform itself.

Via The Verge