Smartphone manufacturers are trying hard to get rid of the notch display by introducing solutions like a hole punch display, pop-selfie camera, etc. Now, aside from hole-punch display, Samsung is also working on what it called a ”reverse notch display,” to achieve all-screen experience.

Last year, Samsung filed a patent with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) and the details have recently been published.

Patent description: the present design is a display module with a display panel attached to the back of the cover window used in a smartphone. The cover window includes a protruding portion at the top center and agreed to the protruding portion. By placing the cameras, speakers etc in there, the screen size can be maximized while creating a rectangle screen.

While the description doesn’t really reveal much information, the idea here is to place a notch right above the full-screen display. Which, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of an all-screen experience. Here is a mockup render from LetsGoDigital:

What do our readers think about this ‘reverse notch display design’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

via GSMArena