Samsung updates their Frame and Wall TVs with new size options #CES2020

At CES 2020 Samsung has announced updates to its Frame TV and Wall TV which provide new options for potential buyers.

Samsung’s Frame TV are 4K Dual LED displays which turn your TV into a canvas for art when not used for watching TV and video and uses ambient light sensors to make the image very convincing.

For 2020 the company introduced a new smaller 32 inch and larger 75-inch version of the TV set. Previously the range only extended from 43 to 65 inches. This means new options at both affordability sides of the market. The new sets also offer better ambient light sensors for even better local light matching.

Samsung also introduced new beige and burgundy bezels,  gapless wall mount and an ‘invisible’ connection for a more convincing picture frame look. The new Art Mode 3.0, available for a subscription fee, will also automatically curate your art pieces based on your taste.

If you prefer your TV to be the actual centrepiece of the room, Samsung has updated its The Wall TV with 4 new size options – 88-inch, 93-, 110- and 150-inches.

This joins the previous 75-, 146-, 219- and 292-inch options that were available before.

The Wall TV offers MicroLED backlights which mimic OLEDs by offering close to per-pixel lighting for truer blacks, and also allows the Wall TV to be highly modular.

Samsung has not announced pricing and availability yet.

Via Engadget.