Samsung TV Remote Control For Windows Phones (homebrew)


If you own a Windows Phone and a  C- or D-series Samsung TV, then this app may be for you. Parnic of XDA-Developers forum have developed this app to control your TV’s using Windows Phone app. Though the app is in initial stages, its a fully functional remote app. The developer also described some more features in this app as follows,

    • Added timeouts and retries to TV searching – the app will attempt to re-search for TV’s every 2 seconds. After 10, it will give up and allow you to either enter demo mode or refresh and try again.
    • Added ability to exit demo mode – now if you press the ‘refresh’ button while in demo mode, the app will do a real refresh and look for TVs again instead of requiring you to exit and restart. Note that if you try to refresh without being on WiFi, no TVs will be found.
    • Pressing ‘power off’ will drop back to the tv list – instead of just sitting at the controls screen, powering off your TV will drop back to the list of TVs and automatically remove the one that was just powered off. You can refresh the list if there are other Samsung TVs on the network or you turn yours back on.
    • Added device lock/multi-task resume detection – the app will automatically attempt to reconnect to a TV when resuming if you were connected to one when the app was deactivated. Note that there’s currently no timeout for a TV connection attempt, so if your TV has been powered off, you’ll have to exit the app and restart it to connect to a new TV.

You can read more on this app and download it here.

via: XDA-Developers