We reported yesterday that Samsung has been forced to tell those who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold that they had a right to cancel their pre-order if the device is not shipped this month.

Now a report in the Korea Herald suggests that Samsung is still aiming to release the device soon, and has solved the major issues plaguing the device.

According to the article Co-CEO DJ Koh, Samsung “has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device], and we will reach a conclusion today or tomorrow [on the launch].”

Samsung has reportedly improved the durability of the exposed hinge area and has also reduced the gap between the screen bezel and its protective plastic layer, which will hopefully tempt fewer people to remove it.

When asked if the device will still ship in USA within the month, Koh also said “we will not be too late,” suggesting the company will still be able to fill pre-orders.

Samsung still remains confident that they will create a new category of devices, and are adamant that it will find a place as a premium device for consumers looking for a new kind of experience.

Via the Verge