Samsung Taylor developer handset will not be updated to NoDo

While many of us have complained about waiting too long for Windows Phone 7 updates, there is a group of phones which will never see an update from build 7003 at all.

According to a Microsoft rep on Microsoft’s developer forums, there is no intent to release an update for these now venerable handsets.

Eric Fleck, a member of the Windows Phone team  from Microsoft writes:

The Samsung Taylor was intended for pre-production use only.
They were updated to an RTM release at end of Beta to bridge the gap between end of Beta and general availability of production phones.
I know of no plans to release any further update for the Samsung Taylor devices.

This move will disappoint many developers who have received the free handsets last year, who will now have to buy a new handset themselves. The good news is that NoDo did not bring any API changes, so they could theoretically continue developing on the handsets all the way up to the release of Mango, and if they are developing seriously of course the expense of a new handset should not be a deal breaker.

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