Samsung Tap View: Samsung to make it easier to share mobile content with your TV


6, 2019

Casting content from your phone to your TV is very often an exercise in frustration, even when using Google’s Chromecast.  Now a new trademark for Samsung Tap View suggests the company is trying to make it a bit easier to get the job done.

samsung tap view

The trademark describes the technology as such:

Televisions; Smartphones; Tablet computers; Wearable computers in the nature or smartwatches and smartglasses; Smart watches; TV monitors; Video monitors; Software with the ability to show the screen of a mobile devices to a television monitor by tapping the mobile devices to the television; Software allowing the mirroring or mobile device screen to television screen by tapping the mobile devices on the television.

One can assume the system likely works with NFC and may use technology such as WIFI Direct which does not need access to the local WIFI network and which is therefore simpler.

We assume Samsung Tap View will likely show up as a feature in Samsung’s 2020 TVs and smartphones.

The full trademark application can be seen here.

Via LetsGoDigital.

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