Samsung smartphones now come with a free copy of NDrive SatNav software

Clove’s blog has just announced that, for a limited time, all Samsung Omnia devices will come with a free copy of the excellent-looking NDrive GPS Navigation software for UK and Ireland, worth around £50, preloaded on a 8GB microSD card.

Some great features of the software are:

  • image3D aerial photo integration, better than Google – Reality View – See your route as it actually appears with real photos!
  • Video quality graphics makes the fastest software in the market
  • Simple and easy to use with gesture recognition
  • Community features
  • Location based services
  • Faster search system
  • Special Routing for pedestrian and Adventure modes

Supported devices include the Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung Omnia Pro, Omnia Lite, with prices ranging from £195 to £305 for the Omnia 2, which is excellent value.

Read more about this excellent deal at Clove here.