Samsung rolls out a new update for Galaxy Note 8, adds Super Slo-Mo and AR Emoji


13, 2018

Samsung is rolling out a new update for Galaxy Note 8 which brings Super Slo-Mo and AR Emoji for the users. Both the Super Slo-Mo and AR Emojis were Samsung’s answer to the iPhone during the launch of Galaxy S9. However, the Korean giant is now rolling out those features for the Galaxy Note 8 users as well.

However, the update is rolling out just in France right now but Samsung is yet to make an official announcement about it. Hence, it’s unclear if Super Slo-Mo is similar to what Samsung added to Galaxy S9 or it’s different. We don’t have confirmation about the¬†framerate or resolution of Slo-Mo feature.

The update has appeared on Samsung’s servers but is still pending a global rollout. Users can flash the update manually but it’s not recommended. As of now, the update only adds AR Emoji and Super Slo-Mo but there might be changes under the hood which we don’t know yet.

Via: XDA Developers, Reddit

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