Samsung release drum machine software for the Omnia

omniamusic Samsung has developed drum machine software for the Samsung Omnia which uses the accelerometer and touch screen to allow the user to create a variety of percussive rhythms.

Caxixi (pronounced ca-shi-shi) plays the sounds of a variety of percussion instruments. The sounds are triggered by shaking the phone using a variety of gestures. But Caxixi is more than just a solo instrument. It also includes a studio, which you can use to arrange backing tracks, record your playing, and mix them together into your own songs. The studio enables you to save recordings and send them to others, and even export them as WAV files to use for ringtones. The Caxixi application is named after the African percussion instrument made of a woven basket filled with dried seeds or small pebbles, and closed with a drum head. Brazilian natives believe the Caxixi can be used to summon good spirits and ward off evil ones.

See the video below of the app in action, and download it from Samsung’s dedicated website here.