Samsung promising eBook hub for Omnia 7 in Q1 2011


34763001_m_fEagle-eyed reader Duncan has spotted that on the official UK  Samsung Omnia 7 features page that Samsung will be offering an Ebook hub for their new Windows Phone 7 device.

The update however promises more that simply books, noting it will be the place to go for newspapers and periodicals also, and will be available to download in Q1 2011.

Samsung already offers a stand-alone e-reader in UK being sold via large UK book retailer WMSmith which supports text to speech and annotation, and we will hopefully see these features and the store that supports it carry over to this software solution.

With Marketplace still small having a supported reader platform for your device may be another reason to chose the Samsung Omnia 7 over the many other contenders.

Thanks Duncan for the tip.