The first commercial device with an under-display camera, the ZTE Axon 20 5G, was released in December 2020, but as expected the quality of the pictures from the under-display front-facing camera was somewhat disappointing.

Samsung has been working on the technology for some time, but has not found it mature enough to be released on an actual device yet.

The company may be edging closer, however, with the company preparing to present their technology at the Image Sensors at 2021 Electronic Imaging Conference held between the 18th and 28th January 2021.

The company will present two papers there related to under-display cameras.

The first,  titled “Under-display camera image recovery through diffraction compensation“, is a physics-based method, but the second, likely easier to implement, uses AI to do the magic.

Titled, “Under-display camera Quad Bayer raw image restoration using deep learning“,  the method promises real-time high-quality restoration with real-world applications.

Samsung is already rather famous for enhancing and automatically filtering their selfie images, and the AI-based method for under-display cameras would mean there would actually be no real original version which reflects reality.

Samsung is rumoured to be looking at UDC technology for the Note 21, but currently, this seems doubtful, and we may have to wait till 2022 to see this in action.

via Tron.