Samsung plans to change its strategy with the upcoming Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy Note 10 which should happen in a couple of months. While we have a fair idea about Galaxy Note 10, there’s a surprise that no one expected from Samsung.

According to the latest report from The Bell (via BGR), Samsung is looking to change its strategy with Note 10. The company will be launching two different Note 10 devices and here two different devices mean two entirely different ones. Samsung has always released different variants but they are the same devices with similar specs. The report states that Samsung will release a Galaxy Note 10 model for all the primary markets and will launch another Galaxy Note 10 device just for Europe. An unnamed source associated with Samsung told The Bell that “We know that the Galaxy Note 10 will come out on the market in two different models”. The report also claims that the second Galaxy Note 10 model will come with a smaller screen.

There is no information on how the smaller Note 10 will differ from the main device and why Samsung plans to target only Europe.