Samsung patents a triple-pane folding smartphone with magnetic pen storage

by Surur
April 22, 2021

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Samsung is rumoured to be releasing a tri-pane double-folding smartphone in early 2022.

Now a new Samsung patient applied for in September 2020 and published today may give us a glimpse of what Samsung has been working on.

The “multi-foldable device” with 3 panels is described in the 52 page document. The panels fold both inwards and outwards, offering both a large screen experience and the ability to protect the screen when on the move.

Samsung also gave some thought to S-Pen charging and storage.  The device would be too thin to store the pen in the body, but Samsung has an innovative solution for this.  The pen is stored between the leaves of the folding panels, where they join together, held in place by magnets, which can also be used to charge the pen via inductive charging. High speed charging from both sides is possible, and standard speed charging from one leaf only.

If you do not wish to use an S-Pen, you can also close the device fully without any gap, since the hinges can bend at multiple points.

This would allow Samsung to offer the S-Pen as an optional accessory, which may lower the RRP.

Samsung’s design also features a dual-selfie camera and two under-screen sensors, and also a regular set of cameras at the rear, and uses a piezoelectric speaker, placed under the screen.

The full patent can be seen here.

via LetsGoDigital

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