Samsung patents a Galaxy Flip that folds both ways

by Surur
April 15, 2021

Samsung is expected to announce the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in July this year, and if it’s anything like this patent, uncovered by LetsGoDigital, it will be a major upgrade.

The device, patented on October 2020 by Samsung Electronics at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and published today, features several upgrades compared to earlier versions of the flip.

One is that the device would feature a dual selfie camera and an in-display fingerprint reader.

The other, more major change, would be that the screen would be able to fold both inwards (like a clamshell) and outwards. When closed inwards the screen would be protected, and when folded outwards, it would do away with the need for a cover display.

LetsGoDigital rendered the resulting device, which can be seen below:


The device would be the first time a folding handset has an in-display fingerprint reader.

It seems unlikely that Samsung would make such a big jump with the Samsung Galaxy Flip3, but just in case, you can see the full patent here.

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