Samsung Omnia W still selling well in India

imageNokia is not the whole Windows Phone story, and in some parts of the world other Windows Phone OEMs are doing pretty well.

In India the Samsung Omnia W, a mid-range Windows Phone, seems to be selling pretty well, if its position on is any indication.

The handset currently holds the 10th position in a pretty long list, which is pretty good for a smartphone which costs Rs15,200 competing against dumb phones costing as little as Rs 999.

The only more expensive handset higher on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note, which retails for Rs 32,700.


imageOn rival site Windows Phone is also doing well, with the Nokia Lumia 800 topping the weekly Above Rs 25,000 list.

Windows Phone has only a small but growing presence in India, with Symbian still dominating the market there.  There is however every possibility that the OS will be able to overtake the very expensive iPhone and Blackberry installed base there over the next few months with a low-cost device strategy.

Thanks Arun for the tip.