Samsung Omnia W launches in Russia


The Samsung Omnia W, the cheaper of Samsung’s two new Windows Phone 7.5 handsets and the only one available outside of USA, has gone on sale in Russia.

According to the Samsung Omnia W is the first Samsung Windows Phone 7 handset sold officially in Russia, and brings with it support for the Russian GLONASS GPS network.

The phone is being sold for 14990 Rubles (around $487) by Euroset and is one of the cheaper Windows Phones in Russia, only competing with the Nokia Lumia 710 and the old HTC Mozart, both which lack the specs of the Samsung Omnia W. calls it the best choice in Russia for those who want a Windows Phone, but lament some missing features like expandable storage and DIVX playback which they feel makes it a poorer chose than an Android handset.

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The Samsung Focus Flash is a new Windows Phone with a 3.7” S-AMOLED screen, HSPA+ data speeds, and a 1.4 GHz single-core processor. The phone has a 5-megapixel rear camera, a front-facing camera, gyro sensor, and 8 GB of storage. It is currently for sale through AT&T in the USA. The Focus Flash will be released as the “Omnia W” in other countries. Full specs…

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