Samsung Omnia W launches in Australia on Telstra–first second generation handset down under



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omnia-w-sliderMany of our Australian readers have been complaining about the absence of second generation handsets down under. 

It seems that situation is finally changing, with WPDownUnder reporting that the Samsung Omnia W is launching on Telstra today.

While I could not find the handset myself on Telstra’s website, Sheeds reports the device will retail for free on the FreedomConnect $59 per month 24 month contract, and also had the handset early for a thorough review, which can be found here.

He concludes:

So what’s the wash-up? The more I used this handset over my week of testing, the more I came to like it! From initially feeling too small and light in my hands – by the time of writing this review the Omnia W actually managed to make my Focus feel a little “awkward” in the hand! Whilst sitting firmly in the mid-range of feature sets (screen size, storage, premium design elements, LTE etc.) – this handset excels at nearly every task thrown at it.

Windows Phone “Mango” absolutely shines on the device – and I see this handset having no issues in “smoking” any other modern smartphone for both task activities (messaging/social media etc.) and speed and responsiveness of the OS. Storage aside, there is not really any other significant weak spot in this device. Make sure you get into a Telstra store and have a feel of the unit, demo it – as it is surprisingly good device, and more than a competent replacement for the HTC Mozart in the Telstra line-up.

Read his full review here.

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