Samsung Omnia now able to use HTC G-Sensor software


28, 2008

At present there is a huge risk of fragmentation in the windows mobile world, as multiple device makers implement advanced sensors, all with different implementations and SDK’s. An easy example has been the accelerometer in HTC and Samsung devices, both of which work well with native software, but can not use software developed for each other. This has resulted in a vibrant market for G-sensor based software on the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro, but hardly anything on the Samsung Omnia.

Spelomaniac over at has however managed to break this compatibility barrier by implementation a translation layer which direct the accelerometer output from the Samsung Omnia through a fake HTCSensorSDK.dll, meaning many of the apps designed for the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro will also work on the Omnia (ignoring the differences in screen resolution and aspect ratio of course). The translation software is not perfect yet, and lacks the notifications built into Koushik Dutta’s HTCSensorSDK.dll, but it’s a good start.

Spelomaniac has also produced some example software. Follow this Modaco thread here for the latest developments.

Credit: Ef Jay

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