Samsung Omnia 7 to support HD Voice on Orange, HTC 7 Mozart not

The Samsung Omnia 7 supports HD Voice on Orange

According to a tweet from Orange’s official twitter stream, the new Samsung Omnia 7, set to launch in only a few days, will in fact be HD Voice enabled.

High Definition (HD) voice is an international 3G standard that claims to reduce background noise and the "hisses and crackles" often heard on a normal mobile call using  Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (AMR-WB).

Orange is the only network so far which supports it in UK, but it is also available in Germany, and only works between compatible devices, such as a few Nokia devices and the Samsung Omnia Pro.

Slashgear has asked HTC if their HTC 7 Mozart, also set to be available on Orange, will support the technology, but was told HTC had not plans at present, meaning the pool of handsets that can take advantage of the technology is pretty small.  Maybe this is a case where Microsoft could lay down the standard hammer, and make the technology one of the differentiating features of Windows Phone 7, before Apple jumps on the bandwagon and claim they invented it.