Samsung Omnia 7 being promoted as a business phone?

Samsung Omnia 7 being promoted as a business handset?We know Windows Phone 7 is banking heavily on gaining some consumer credentials, rather than targeting business folk.

It is therefore interesting to see the Samsung Omnia 7 popping up on two UK networks in the business section.

On UK network 3 the phone is now available for pre-order (and funnily enough claims to support Google Maps and Skype.

On T-Mobile the handset is now being offered to business users on a very attractive £35/month 24 month Business Unlimited Contract with unlimited internet, unlimited texts and unlimited phone calls.

Now we know Windows Phone 7 comes with plenty of business features, such as multiple calendars, SharePoint  and exchange support and of course office, but could selling these phones as business handsets diffuse Microsoft’s consumer message? Let us know below.

Via Coolsmartphone, also thanks Martyn for the tip.